ul. Widawska 5, 01-494 Warsaw, E-mail: biuro@transpool.pl

Why use the offer on Transpool transport services?

Here are some of the most important reasons:

  • we are a team of experienced professionals who will ensure the highest comfort for their clients,
  • we offer them fast, efficient and above all cheap transport of furniture, equipment or individual items, including household items,
  • we know very well how to secure goods while driving, we will help to pack and foil them, thanks to which even delicate elements will remain unscathed,
  • nasza firma przewozowa wykorzystuje jedynie nowoczesne urządzenia i pojazdy dostosowane specjalnie do celów przeprowadzkowych.

We offer transport services throughout Warsaw, as well as around the city. Transport has been our specialty for many years, thanks to which we have managed to develop the highest standard of customer service. We invite you to cooperation!