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Transpool is a Warsaw transport company that recognizes the ultimate customer satisfaction as the highest value. We are an experienced team that cares about the exceptional professionalism of services rendered, as well as maintaining attractive and competitive prices. 

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Punctuality and reliability are the aspects on which we place the greatest emphasis.
We address our offer to private individuals, institutions and companies. We are happy to establish permanent cooperation, thanks to which we can offer attractive discounts.

As a few, we are a participant in the RELIABLE COMPANY program.

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Rzetelna Firma to program dla każdego przedsiębiorcy, który chce pokazać, że reliability and honesty in business it is the most important for him. It allows for building a positive image your company as reliable and solvent. Uczestnicy  programu otrzymują Certyfikat Rzetelności, który confirms the absence of outstanding commitments listed in the National Debt Register BIG SA.

The certificate is issued in the traditional form and in electronic form - updated on a regular basis, available online. Thanks to this he is objective information about the reliability and solvency of companiesy.

A reliable company already brings together more than 40 000 enterprises from all branches of the economy.

Przedsiębiorca uzyskał subwencję finansową w ramach programu rządowego „Tarcza Finansowa 2.0 Polskiego Funduszu Rozwoju dla Mikro, Małych i Średnich Firm” udzieloną przez PFR S.A.

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