ul. Widawska 5, 01-494 Warsaw, E-mail: biuro@transpool.pl

Furniture transport is usually the most difficult when moving house. That is why our company's offer is addressed to everyone to whom depends on cheap and safe and efficient transport of equipment.

We have vehicles that enable cheap transport of equipment in Warsaw and not only at the client's request we also undertake moving house throughout Poland. Our cars are loaded, and at the same time safe can be used to organize the transport of furniture of all kinds, including even large and heavy objects. 

We employ experienced driverswho will easily find the address indicated by the customer and guarantee a quiet, safe ride.

We will also make sure that all items of equipment have not suffered during transport we know how to pack even objects of non-standard shape or size. In order to we use foils, cardboard boxes and other durable accessories.

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