ul. Widawska 5, 01-494 Warsaw, E-mail: biuro@transpool.pl

Are you looking for a cheap and quick way to transport furniture and equipment in Warsaw? Take advantage of Transpool's offer! 

We transport of property for individual clients and companies we encourage clients from various parts of Poland to cooperate not only in the capital, offering cheap domestic removals.

Services which are worth trusting!

We are convinced that the high standard of performing the tasks entrusted to us will allow us to organize an efficient transfer of all objects and furniture from the apartment or office. Moving services are provided by an experienced team, which is why we know how to protect furniture and other elements of equipment against damage or movement during transport. 

You can be sure of all the transported items arrive intact. We encourage you to choose the transport offered by Transpool. 

We guarantee satisfaction as well as assistance in efficient organization from the moment of packaging, until delivery of items to the address indicated.

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